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I Used One Cleaning Product to Clean My Whole House for a Week

The title of this post says it all. I really did use one cleaning product to clean my whole house for a week. I wanted to challenge myself to see if it could be done, and done to my standards.

I chose the cream cleaner by Tesco in the citrus scent because it is just 0.80p for a 500ml bottle.

Here is a list of every area I cleaned using this one product: (some areas such as my bathroom and tile floors are cleaned more regularly than once a week, so bear that in mind.)

  1. Kitchen: counters, sinks, cupboard doors
  2. Bathroom: sink, toilet, bath/shower, and tiles.
  3. Tile floors in both bathroom and kitchen.
  4. Skirting Boards.
  5. Surfaces/ furniture throughout the house.
  6. Table.
  7. Car Interior.


  1. It’s cheap at 0.80p. I only used 1/4 of a bottle for all of my chores over the 7 days. That means one bottle will potentially last me a month.
  2. I didn’t have to switch out products for different areas.
  3. It had a clean fragrance.
  4. I could dilute it in water for a gentler clean over my table and furniture.
  5. It did it’s job. My house is clean.


  1. It required a lot of rinsing off of the counters and floors or a residue was left behind.
  2. It isn’t my favourite fragrance. (It’s isn’t horrid, just not my favourite.)

I was pleasantly surprised by this challenge. Yes, a little more elbow grease was required with the extra rinsing, but it took only a few minutes extra. The vast areas and materials I was able to clean was impressive. I would suggest trying this challenge yourself. 0.80p a month to clean my house is a bargain.

Note: I used a plain, damp cloth to dust my furniture. I only used the product on spills and dirt in this area.


My next challenge will be to make my own cleaning products. Keep your eyes peeled for that post in the near future.


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