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10 Frugal Reasons to Grow Lavender

Not only is lavender a beautiful addition to your garden, there are other frugal reasons to grow lavender. Here’s my top ten:

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  1. Lavender can be used in cooking. Using lavender as a baking spice can create tasty cookies and cakes.
  2. Lavender can be brewed as a tea to help you sleep.
  3. Pouches filled with lavender can be stored in closets and drawers to keep the contents smelling fresh.
  4. Mixing lavender with Epsom salt makes a fantastic bath soak.
  5. Infusing lavender with vodka can make a tasty treat. This is a great gift idea.
  6. Vodka infused lavender can also be diluted to be use as a room and linen spritz.
  7. Lavender wax melts are cheap to make and can be melted over a wax burner to keep your house smelling fresh.
  8. Dry out lavender and use it as pot pourri.
  9. Ground dried lavender and add it to bicarbonate of soda to create a carpet freshener.
  10. Lavender planted around an outside eating or play area will act as a natural bug repellent due to it’s strong scent.

I, personally, don’t need any other reason than the beautiful, purple flowers and gorgeous scent to plant lavender, but the added benefits make it a frugal plant to grow and harvest.

If you are still unconvinced, I have one more reason to grow lavender. This is not a frugal reason unless you keep bees, but lavender is loved by bumble bees. There is a crisis with bumble bee numbers at the moment. Plant some lavender and help them out.


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