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15 Simple Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

The winter months can be particularly expensive in regards to household energy usage. The tumble dryers are on more, the heating is turned up, and we spend a lot more time within the house on technology. With this in mind, I have compiled a list of 15 simple ways to lower the cost of your energy bill.

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  1. Time limit on showers. Put an egg timer in the bathroom and allow each family member 5 minutes to wash.
  2. Line/ air dry clothes where possible. Minimising dryer usage will save you money.
  3. Have the heaters on the lowest, comfortable setting. You don’t need heaters blasting out all day and night. Set them to take the edge off the cold.
  4. Use your washing machine and dryer at night. Depending on your tariff, using the washer and dryer at night can save you money. However, only do this while you are awake for safety reasons.
  5. Limit technology usage. Minimise TV and laptop time. Set timers/ parental controls on games consoles and tablet devices.
  6. Put a dry towel in the dryer with your wet clothes. A dry towel will absorb some of the moisture and reduce drying time.
  7. Only heat areas you use a lot. Hallways, corridors, and bathrooms do not need heating. Some may argue that bedrooms do not need heating if you sleep under duvets.
  8. Wash clothes at a lower temperature. A cool wash will save you money and still wash your clothes effectively.
  9. Use fully lined curtains. Thick, lined curtains will hold the heat in your house.
  10. Change light bulbs. Change the light bulbs in your house to energy efficient ones.
  11. Turn off appliances at the wall. Do not leave appliances on standby as this does use electricity. Pennies lead to pounds.
  12. Take advantage of phone charging facilities. Are you allowed to charge your phone at work? Does your local cafe have free, phone charging stations? Use these services to save money at home.
  13. Eat ‘No-Cook’ meals a few times a week. Salads, subs, and raw vegetable and dip platters are great ‘no-cook’ meal ideas to save energy on cooking appliances.
  14. Close the doors of heated rooms. Keeping the door closed will keep the heat in. If you have gaps under your doors, place a draught-excluder there, or even a rolled up towel.
  15. Opt out of baths. If you enjoy a bath, keep it to once a week. If you need to bath your children, why not use the same bath water?

These are simple, money-saving measures, that will save you money in the long run. Getting into good, energy saving habits will be great life skills for your children.


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