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How to Host an ‘Everything £1’ Event

I’m not going to lie and say that there isn’t a fair amount of planning involved in hosting an ‘Everything £1’ event, but get your friends involved and share the prep of what can be a potentially fruitful event for you all. You get to make money from your old bits and bobs, and potentially, without paying out a penny.

Think of a car-boot sale or nearly new sale, but you know everything for sale is £1. It is that premise of people loving a bargain that will make this event work.

How To:

Rally Friends and Relatives

Anyone who has items to fill a table that they’re happy to take £1 for. I’d suggest a minimum of 10 tables, so that’s just 10 willing people needed to pull this event together.

Hire a Venue

“But this can be pricey,” I hear you cry. Yes, it can be, but this is where your potential customers will help out. Entry fee to your event can be 50p or £1 per adult (children free). Most people will be happy to pay this if they know that all the items inside are just £1.

Advertise well

This is where the hard work really comes into play. Set up an event page on Facebook, get your local radio station to announce it on air, and get your local newspapers to add it to their ‘What’s On?’ sections. If you have access to a printer, you can also put up posters and ask the local schools if they will distribute leaflets to parents. The more advertising and promoting you do, the more potential customers you will reach.

Social media is amazing, so use it to your advantage. Politely ask all of your friends to share your posts on their different platforms to get the word out there.

Make sure to include all necessary details such as time, date, address, and entry fee.

Set Up

Make sure you have accounted for set up and shut down time in your hire time. Someone must be the main point of contact for the venue manager: to collect keys, arrive early to meet the manager when they open up, and find out about the fire regulations etc.

Each seller should have a table to themselves, and can also use the floor area underneath to display their items.

Double check that everyone is still on board with the £1 pricing strategy. Customers like to know what they are getting, and if you said it’s £1 for the items, they want £1 items on the day.

Note: If you are selling items that usually sell for less than £1, such as books, stipulate that they are, for example, 2 for £1 with a sign to avoid lost sales.


Let me know if you have held similar sales, and if you have any good tips to add. These events also work well if you are charity fundraising. The more people to help and organise, the easier the process is.


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