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Frozen Yoghurt Drops

Healthy snack ideas are a must for children, especially during the school holidays. Healthy and cheap snack ideas are even better. I have a snack idea that is not only cheap, but simple to make… frozen yoghurt drops. You could even get the children involved in the process.


  • Natural Yoghurt
  • Fruit pieces of your choice (banana and strawberries works well)


  • Spoon out small dollops of yoghurt onto a clean baking tray
  • Top with a slice/segment of fruit. We used strawberries that needed to be used up
  • Place the whole tray into the freezer until the yoghurt has frozen, then remove from the freezer, place the yoghurt buttons into an airtight, freezer container, and pop them back in the freezer.

It really is that cheap and simple. A large, unbranded pot of natural yoghurt can make tens of buttons. You could just leave it at that, but we like to garnish with fruit. My children enjoy them on a hot day.


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