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Hand-Me-Down Upcycle: Iron Applique Patches

Hand -me- downs from relatives are much appreciated in my household because I have a daughter and a son and can’t pass on clothes from one to the other. We also pass on our old clothes within the extended family and friends.

My daughter received a red rucksack in a bundle of items from a family member, and when I suggested she use it for school this year, she wasn’t happy because it was ‘boring’. Pretty things such as unicorns and glitter tend to catch my daughters eye, so I decided to search Amazon for something to spruce up the bag and give it a new lease of life.

I found the perfect thing, and you don’t even have to be arty for it to work… iron applique patches. You know the ones with the hemming web on the back that fuses to the fabric when ironed on? I found a great deal on butterfly patches that I knew my daughter would approve of.

As you can see, the finished result is much more eye-catching, and my daughter was thrilled to wear it to school. I did add a couple of stitches to ensure they stayed on, but this was probably not necessary.

You can get your own butterfly patches here: 10 Embroidery Butterfly Sew On / Iron On Patch Badge Embroidered Bag Jeans Dress Applique DIY

Iron applique patches come in many designs, even popular children’s show characters. They are fabulous for upcycling t-shirts, pockets of trousers, and even to cover snags and small holes.


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