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3 Spooky and Fun Halloween Ideas

Making a special Halloween for your kids doesn’t mean spending a fortune. You can create some fun spookiness with these 3 D.I.Y ideas.

Creepy Crawly Handwash

This really is a simple spooky idea to give your kids a little fright. Who knows, it may encourage better hand-washing too.

All you need is some of the little, plastic bugs that you can buy in most supermarkets during the Halloween period. Tesco have packs of spiders etc for £1. Squeeze one or two into the neck of your hand-wash bottle.

Mouldy Milk

Does your little one like to have a glass of milk or bowl of cereal for breakfast? Why not spooky it up with a drop of green food colouring.

I’m sure they’ll be telling all their friends about their Halloween breakfast.

Satsuma Jack -O-Lanterns

These are a great little Halloween treat for lunchboxes. I don’t know about your children, but mine will be more inclined to eat fruit if it is spooky and fun.

Draw on a simple jack-o-lantern face before popping the satsuma into your child’s lunch box. They also look good fun and make a fantastic decorative touch to your fruit bowl.


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