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5 Free Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you on the look out for some free Christmas gift ideas? Why not consider some of the ideas in this post to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them this Christmastime?

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I.O.U Gift Vouchers

I.O.U gift vouchers are perfect. They save you money, but still enable you to give a gift tailored to your loved ones needs. You can gift a car wash or to do their laundry for a week.

I have a free printable of I.O.U gift vouchers available. Click here to get yours.

Foodie Gifts

Are you baking some treats this Christmas? If you are, why not do a few extra? Mince pies and cupcakes make a perfect treat for a loved one, and if you are making them already, it can turn out to be a great gift idea.

Free Printables

Free printables can be a lifesaver if you are low on cash. Google ideas such as A4 prints and bookmarks. The latter is currently available right here on Sensibly Frugal Living. Download yours here.

Table Centrepiece

A table centrepiece could be a spectacular gift to give to a host or family member. You can use flowers/ greenery from your garden or collect pine cones and acorns etc. If you have odd Christmas decorations or candles at home, you could really get creative and make an impressive piece.

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Photo Collage

If you have special photos to hand, you could create and frame a collage to gift a loved one. If you don’t want the cost of printing photos, you could create a slideshow and email it to your intended recipient. Add some music for a personal touch.

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