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Affordable Christmas Series: Last Minute Gift Ideas

Maybe you have unexpected guests or are still looking for an inexpensive gift idea for a family member. Whatever gift inspiration you require, I’m sure you’ll find an idea here:

Bath Salts

I have done a post on how simple it is to make bath salts here: Bath Salt Tutorial

My children made these for their Dad for Father’s day, and all that they used was sea salt and baby oil.

Baked Goods

Around Christmas time, I usually always have baking supplies to hand. I also have baked goods such as biscuits or fairy cakes made. It is worth keeping some cake boxes or even some cellophane bags on hand so you can quickly bag some of your baked goods up as a last minute gift.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on

Hot Chocolate Spoons

These are a simple make that look effective and kids will love them. I have done a post previously on how to make hot chocolate spoons: How to: Hot Chocolate Spoons


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