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What is VidDay?

This post is a collaboration with VidDay. I was compensated with promotional codes for the product.

When I was contacted by VidDay, I hadn’t heard of the company or their concept before. I headed straight over to check it out and was impressed by what I read and the reviews for the product.

VidDay is an online, video gift company. Perfect during these crazy times, right? If you can’t see a loved one, are in self-isolation, or have family that live in another country, a personalised video gift could be the perfect answer for birthdays, anniversaries etc. Not only that, for every VidDay video sold, they plant a tree.

The cost depends on the length of video, but starts at just $5 (or £ equivalent). It is easy to use with a step by step process, and the video can be sent directly to your recipient and downloaded.

I even tried it out myself! I made a Valentine’s VidDay video for my husband and children and it was incredibly easy. I can’t wait for them to see the finished result. It is such a lovely, personal gift to receive on any occasion.

If that’s not reason enough, VidDay provides FREE get well videos everyday, and throughout February they are offering FREE thank you videos, perfect to thank those who have helped you in any way (big or small) during this last year.

Check out VidDay for yourself here:


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