Repurposing a Basket into a Planter

Baskets can make cute little planters for the garden. They are also cheap in the charity shops, and I’ve managed to get some for free. There are a few tips to bare in mind when repurposing in this way, so I have included a small tutorial.

You can find my quick IGTV video tutorial on IGTV and Instagram: Sensibly Frugal Living

  • The first big step in making your basket ready for planting is to line it with some sort of plastic. I used a plastic bag. Simply line your basket with the plastic, cut a few small slits into the bottom, fill it with compost, then cut off the excess plastic along the rim.
  • Pot up your chosen plant.
  • You can disguise any of the plastic that may still be visible with mulch, pebbles, or gravel.
  • Make sure to keep your pot somewhere sheltered and more protected from the elements to prolong its life.


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