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Freezing Sandwiches

One thing I don’t let go bad is bread. My family do go through a lot of bread, so it never has a chance to get stale. However, if it doesn’t get eaten, or I find bread reduced in the supermarket, I like to ensure it gets used by making up sandwiches and freezing them.

I find that as long as you freeze them in singles, or in a pack with baking parchment between them to allow for easy retrieval, they freeze and defrost well. I take sandwiches out the night before they are needed to defrost overnight in the fridge.

Ideal sandwich fillings to freeze:

  • Cooked meats
  • Grated cheese
  • Tuna
  • PB and J (Jam can make the bread a little soggy, so use sparingly)
  • Chocolate spread

Fillings not to freeze:

  • Boiled eggs (they can become rubbery)
  • Salad greens or tomatoes and cucumbers (they become limp once thawed)
  • Mayonnaise

Make up your sandwiches and ensure they are wrapped tightly in film or foil. Keep them in your freezer for up to 3 months.

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