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How I Meal Plan- Includes Free Printables

I have previously done a post on why I meal plan: Benefits of Meal Planning, but I wanted to dedicate this one to HOW I meal plan. I get so many questions on this, and I always say it is not a one size fits all method, just find what works for you, but seeing as I keep getting asked, I wanted to share my method and the templates I use (made by me).


I always take stock of what I have at home. I shop pantry first, and then base my meals around that. I use my inventory printable for this:

Meal Plan

I try my hardest to use up what I have on my inventory list in some way. I jot my meals down (based on my pantry inventory) on my meal plan printable. I like to plan breakfasts, lunches where possible, and evening meals:

Grocery List

Using my meal plan, I write my grocery list on the same sheet. Do not forget to add on any extras such as toiletries and cleaning supplies, snacks etc.

I hope this post has answered some of the many questions about my meal planning method.

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