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Pillowcase Costume Ideas for Kids

The purpose of the following pillowcase costumes is to be easy to make (no sew) and affordable for all.

I have used white pillow cases, but you can make what you have work for you. If you don’t have any old pillowcases at home, you can thrift some second hand inexpensively.

You can watch my YouTube tutorials for all three costumes here: Youtube PIllowcase Costumes Tutorial

Knight/ Prince Charming

Tunic: Cut a neck hole out of the stitched end of the pillowcase, and an arm hole each side. Take a red felt tip and draw a cross on the centre of the tunic. You may benefit from putting the tunic on your child and marking a spot where the cross should go on their chest.

Use a piece of string to create a belt to help gather the pillowcase and give it a better shape. Team with dark trousers and a long sleeved top.

Shield: All you need for the shield is a piece of cardboard, glue, and paint or tin foil. Cut out a shield shape, and from your leftover cardboard, make a handle for the back for the child to hold.

Cover the entire shield with paint or tin foil. You can leave your shield as it is, or draw another cross to match the tunic on a piece of paper and stick it to the middle.

Creepy Doctor

Tunic: Cut your arm and neck holes into your pillowcase. On the centre of the tunic, draw a green’first-aid’ cross. Apply fake blood in a splatter effect.

Accessories: Add a toy stethoscope and a face mask. Halloween props work well for this costume too.


Tunic: Cut neck holes and arm holes out of your pillowcase so the child can wear it under one shoulder and tied on the other. If you have an old scarf, drape it over the child’s shoulder and use a piece of string like a belt to gather the pillowcase and the scarf together.

Head Dress: You will need card and tin foil for the head dress. Cut out multiple leaf shapes from the cardboard and cover each shape in tin foil. Use a strip of card to fit your child’s head snugly and stick on the leaf shapes to look like a metallic, floral head dress.

I hope this post has given you some budget friendly ideas for Halloween costumes using a simple pillowcase.

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