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No Spend January

After a heavy financial month in December and with the goal of buying a new-to-us car at some point in 2022, we are kicking of 2022 with a ‘No Spend January’.

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What is a No Spend Month?

A no spend month is a month where you set yourself the challenge of not buying anything and your only outgoings should be on your monthly bills and groceries.

I always think our frugal journeys are unique and what we individually class as necessities is subjective, so when it comes to a no spend challenge you set your own rules

My Rules:

  • We will pay all of our current monthly bills, even what I call luxury ones such as or TV subscriptions and our online gaming subscriptions. These are important to us as a family and are always budgeted for.
  • Groceries and top up groceries are necessities.
  • We will pay for the children’s extra curricular activities such as my daughter’s monthly gymnastics bill.
  • We will assess any potential spends on what we deem a necessity. For example, if one of the kids gets a hole in their school shoes, a new pair will be a necessity. (I’m saying this as my daughter could potential need new school shoes in the next few weeks).
  • We will continue to pay for our bus travel. If we had a car, fuel would still be a necessity, so our travel expenses are still a necessity.

We will NOT spend on anything we do not class as a necessity. That includes, takeaways, clothes, toys, make up, my husbands work lunches (he can take his own) etc.

We are by no means frivolous with money, but I am sure we will still see some savings.

Have you got any goals for 2022? Would a no spend month or year appeal to you?

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