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Planning Ahead: Presents!!!!

If you saw my latest blog on sinking funds, you’ll know that I am already planning ahead for the cost of Christmas 2022. That sinking fund is for presents for my kids and our immediate family unit. I do, however, still need to get presents for some extended family members and friends and that includes both birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, and Christmas etc.

I have decided, from this moment, to try and do all handmade gifts where possible, especially for Christmas. I have some good ideas for inexpensive gifts, and I enjoy making things with clay (I got a big pack of polymer clay for Christmas from my hubby). If I can pull this off, I will save myself a lot of money. I have already told family that I am doing less this year, (I have 10 nieces and nephews, a total of 32 extra people to buy for at Christmas!)Token gifts are the way forward.

I always keep lists! I keep note of everyone I have to buy for throughout the year for different occasions. When I have that gift, I tick off the person’s name. If I haven’t made a gift, I will know to scour second hand shops first. Organisation is key.

If you want to check out my Youtube video on planning ahead for Christmas 2022, you can find it HERE!

Here are some of the presents I have been working on:

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