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Treat Your Time Like Money

Isn’t it quite something that we’d happily waste time but not our money? This post is all about appreciating what is the most important of the two, and how we can stop wasting our own time.

There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.’ -Brian Tracey

How Can We Stop Wasting Time?

Know What You Value:

Are you after a rewarding career or a better work and home life balance? Knowing what is important to you, helps you plan how you use your time better. Do you need to take an extra class in the evenings or make sure you all spend a weekend away as a family each month?

Learn to Say No!:

If work is asking to much of you, or you feel like your family and friends are pulling you in multiple directions, remember to value yourself ad say no. It’s okay to need to do something for yourself. You wouldn’t let others force you to spend your money, so why your time?

Do What Makes You Happy:

Life is to short to be stuck in unhappiness. A toxic relationship, a job where you are being taken advantage of. Know your worth and get out of bad situations. Make room for hobbies, fun, and good people.

Don’t Procrastinate:

Start today. Whatever that means for you, don’t put it off until tomorrow. Someday may become never in a blink of an eye.

Create Deadlines & Time Limits:

Do you fall down the social media rabbit hole, or end up taking your work home with you? Set deadlines and time limits to ensure you’re not wasting time on your phone, or turn off email notifications after work and don’t turn them back on until your scheduled work time the next day.

Finally, take time today to do the most important task. Tell those close to you that you love and appreciate them!

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