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7 Grocery Shopping Mistakes

With the cost of living crisis fully raging, we all need a little help to curb costs where we can. Groceries can be a huge expense if you’re not vigilant with your spending. Here are my 7 grocery shopping mistake to avoid!

Not Working Out the Price Per Unit

Divide the price by the unit/ quantity to work out what is really the best deal.

Buying Items Purely Because They Are On Sale

Would you have bought the item if not for the sale price? A bargain is only a bargain if you’re saving money.

Shopping Without a List

Meal planning and shopping from a list prevents you purchasing too much or items you don’t need.

Not Using Loyalty Cards

No loyalty card = no freebies. Build up points on store loyalty cards and gain in-store cash, deals, or vouchers.

Buying Out of Season

Out of season fruit and veg costs a lot more than whatever is currently in season in your area/country.

Not Looking Down

Stores place the most expensive items at eye/ grab level. Look down for cheaper options.

Not Using Receipt Apps

Market research apps will exchange info from your receipts for points. Once you have enough points, you can cash out.

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