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Sourcing Back to School Supplies

The start of the school term is fast approaching (UK) and for many it can be an expensive time. I am all for keeping back to school costs low, and here is how I suggest to do it:

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Gather What You Have

Shop your house first. Check your stationery supply, and see if old uniforms still fit etc. There isn’t any point in wasting money on all new items.

Check Local Charity Shops

As they say: why buy new when used will do? Your local charity shops may have a stock of second hand uniforms for the local schools. They also stock rucksacks etc.

Check Local Online Selling Sites

Are there uniforms, shoes etc on Facebook Marketplace locally? You could even put out an ‘items wanted’ post. Someone in our local area has set up a selling page on Facebook purely for uniforms etc for our school and schools from the surrounding area.

Ask Friends

Ask friends with older kids if they have any school supplies they could sell on to you. You could even swap items between yourselves.

Ask the School

Check to see if your school has second hand uniform to sell. Some schools will let you buy items left behind from the year before.

And if you are really struggling, some schools have spare uniform that they can give to families in financial difficulty, so it is worth asking if you require this.

Shop Unbranded

New bills have been passed (UK) to ensure uniform is affordable. By 2023 all schools have to allow parents to buy uniforms etc without logos.

I hope this post as helped you in some way. A little time, effort, and searching around can save you lots of money.

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