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Are You Prepping for Winter 22?

I am very aware of the energy price cap increases and how this will make winter particularly hard (UK). I have been gathering up some things and prepping for winter to lower our electricity usage where possible:


Warm Yourselves Before Your Rooms

Can you add layers and try to keep yourself warm before turning up the heating. I have rummaged through the cupboards and made sure we all have dressing gowns, fleece blankets, and slippers or fluffy socks etc.

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Indoor Clothes Racks

I plan to line dry as much as possible, but the weather will be adverse. I have a clothes airer and plan on investing in a second to ensure drying space indoors.

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Battery Operated Lights

I have stocked up on LED battery operated lights and candles. I shall use these in the evenings to save on electric lighting. Great for power cuts/ black outs too.

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I also have a small stock of candles. These are also great for power cuts or just for saving electric.

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Bed Warmers

Bed warmers whether they be a hot water bottle or the microwave heat packs, work great for warming your bed before you get in it. Once you are in bed, you don’t need the heating on high, and an electric blanket would also cost you energy.

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Portable Heaters

We have electric storage heaters in our house and they can be energy guzzlers. We have a small, portable heater that allows us to heat a room for just as long as necessary.

Avoiding the Oven

If we can cook a meal in the slow cooker, air fryer, or microwave we will do. Our oven is the least energy efficient of them all.

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Washing Laundry Off Peak

Finding out when the off peak times are on your tarriff, and do energy intensive chores such as running the washing machine during these times, means you’ll pay less for your energy used. We do ours early in the morning.

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If you have any tips or tricks, please feel free to share them in the comments.

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