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Time to Start Christmas Prep

Yes, I know we are only in September, but this is your reminder to start Christmas prep now! If you want to spread the cost of Christmas and give yourself a stress free December, try the following things:

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Start Putting Away Treats & Food:

If you can buy a few items you will need each week leading up to Christmas, you can spread the cost of your Christmas food bill. I even buy my turkey well in advance and pop it in my freezer. Starting early also helps you buy when items are on sale and not full price in the festive season.

Buy a Gift or Two a Week:

This follows the same train of thought as the previous point, spreading the cost and giving yourself time to search for sales or deals. It’s worth checking the charity shops each week too.

Start Making Your Handmade Gifts:

If you are a crafter or have a skill/hobby, why not make your gifts to save money? Start now to allow yourself time to work on your crafts.

Set Boundaries:

It is okay to not buy gifts, or to spend less than previous years. Now is the time to discuss budgets with friends and family. I’m sure they will be as relieved as you are to set lower budgets or come up with alternative ideas ie Secret Santa.

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