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Learning Through Play Ideas

Homeschooling is hard whether you have a child who is happy to do their lessons or not. Sometimes, being at home and having all the distractions of toys, games consoles etc can really hinder the learning experience. Can I just say that whether your child is managing to do all of the work set orContinue reading “Learning Through Play Ideas”

Quarantine Bucket List for Kids Part #2

We’re still in a state of lockdown in the UK. Yes, some of the restrictions have been relaxed, but overall, we continue to spend a lot of time at home, and the kids still need entertaining. I posted my 9 year olds original Quarantine Bucket List just a week after lockdown was announced in theContinue reading “Quarantine Bucket List for Kids Part #2”

Quarantine Bucket List for Kids

This is a time of uncertainty for our little ones, so keeping them occupied and positive is a must. Not only will creating a bucket list of things to do during the lockdown minimise boredom, it is a fun way to get to all of those tasks/ ideas you have been putting off. Use thisContinue reading “Quarantine Bucket List for Kids”

Social Distancing Boredom Busters for Adults

Under usual circumstances, having a lot of time on our hands may seems like a great thing, but when you are stuck in your house due to social distancing, it may become repetitive and drive you a little stir crazy. The best way to combat boredom is to be proactive and to keep busy. HereContinue reading “Social Distancing Boredom Busters for Adults”