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Time to Start Christmas Prep

Yes, I know we are only in September, but this is your reminder to start Christmas prep now! If you want to spread the cost of Christmas and give yourself a stress free December, try the following things: Start Putting Away Treats & Food: If you can buy a few items you will need eachContinue reading “Time to Start Christmas Prep”

Planning Ahead: Presents!!!!

If you saw my latest blog on sinking funds, you’ll know that I am already planning ahead for the cost of Christmas 2022. That sinking fund is for presents for my kids and our immediate family unit. I do, however, still need to get presents for some extended family members and friends and that includesContinue reading “Planning Ahead: Presents!!!!”

Christmas Bookmarks (Free Printable)

You know I love a good bookmark. I made myself and my daughter some for the Christmas season, and wanted to share them with you. I have included a free printable, so you can get some of your own. Download yours here: I think these make a great inexpensive gift as a pair or withContinue reading “Christmas Bookmarks (Free Printable)”

How and Why I Plan My Gifting Lists in January

January is a big planning month for me. I like lists…A LOT. In January I write a list of people I buy birthday presents for and a list for Christmas too. Why? Well, I like to be as prepared as possible. If I know who I need to buy for, I can keep an eyeContinue reading “How and Why I Plan My Gifting Lists in January”

Is It Too Soon to Think About Christmas 2021?

Yes, I have said the C work in January. I know we just had the fuss of Christmas, and some of us may still be recovering, but when I bring up Christmas 2021 I do so with good reason… saving money. Whether you start a sinking fund for Christmas and put some money away eachContinue reading “Is It Too Soon to Think About Christmas 2021?”

See You in the New Year 2021

With Christmas in 5 days, I am taking a little break from blogging until January. I plan to sit back and enjoy my time with family over Christmas and the New Year, I hope you all have a lovely time, however you celebrate, and I shall see you in 2021. Happy Holidays!! _________________________________ Content belongsContinue reading “See You in the New Year 2021”

Affordable Christmas Series: Last Minute Gift Ideas

Maybe you have unexpected guests or are still looking for an inexpensive gift idea for a family member. Whatever gift inspiration you require, I’m sure you’ll find an idea here: Bath Salts I have done a post on how simple it is to make bath salts here: Bath Salt Tutorial My children made these forContinue reading “Affordable Christmas Series: Last Minute Gift Ideas”

Our Christmastime Charitable Donations

As I mentioned in my last Affordable Christmas post, last year we chose not to send cards to extended family and friends and we made a donation to a charity instead. This year, we have bought and donated cat food to a local animal shelter in lieu of giving cards. A lot of our familyContinue reading “Our Christmastime Charitable Donations”

Affordable Christmas Series: Send Greetings for Free/ Cheap

Printable Mini Greeting Note-Cards Greeting note-cards are a little like postcards. Printing out your own note-cards may work out as a good option to save money. Better still, I have a free printable for you to download and print as many times as you like. There are 9 mini note-cards per sheet. Simply cut themContinue reading “Affordable Christmas Series: Send Greetings for Free/ Cheap”