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DIY Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings

I love polymer clay. I enjoy the satisfaction of how quickly you can get the end result. This past week, I have been working on Christmas tree earrings to try and sell as a side hustle or gift, and I thought it a good idea to share this simple idea with you. What You WillContinue reading “DIY Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings”

Super Simple Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Halloween costumes can be really pricey, especially if you have multiple children. Here are some of my ideas for cheap, easy to make costumes. You can find a video tutorial for these costumes on my YouTube channel: Budget Costumes Crazy Scientist Old white shirt Fake blood Crazy hair (hair gel) Glass jar Fake fingers FoodContinue reading “Super Simple Halloween Costumes on a Budget”

Pillowcase Costume Ideas for Kids

The purpose of the following pillowcase costumes is to be easy to make (no sew) and affordable for all. I have used white pillow cases, but you can make what you have work for you. If you don’t have any old pillowcases at home, you can thrift some second hand inexpensively. You can watch myContinue reading “Pillowcase Costume Ideas for Kids”

DIY Reusable Make-Up Remover Pads

Make up remover pads can work out expensive over time and are not exactly environmentally friendly. If you are a regular user of the disposable pads and are looking for a frugal alternative that also benefits the environment, then read on… What you will need: Scraps of material (a towel or cotton t-shirts work well)Continue reading “DIY Reusable Make-Up Remover Pads”

Bonfire Night Craft

If you are looking for a fun craft idea to do with your kids to mark November 5th (Bonfire Night UK), then these pipe cleaner fireworks are a fun, cheery craft to get stuck into. I found this craft idea on Pinterest (credit unknown). What you will need: Toilet roll tubes Coloured paper or cardContinue reading “Bonfire Night Craft”

Halloween Ghost Jars

One of our main handmade Halloween decorations is our ghost jars. They are simple to make, but look very effective. These can be placed in windows or used as centrepieces for a spooky Halloween table. What you will need: Clean glass jars Toilet paper Glue Black marker pen Glow sticks Method: Decoupage your jar withContinue reading “Halloween Ghost Jars”

Simple and Cheap Halloween Biscuit Decorating

Don’t have time to bake, but still want the kids to have a little Halloween fun, or are you looking for a cheap Halloween treat idea for a buffet? Then, why not decorate some digestive biscuits. This is a craft activity you can let your kids loose with. You can make a whole batch withContinue reading “Simple and Cheap Halloween Biscuit Decorating”

Bleach Dyeing Clothes

This DIY bleach project will work on any darker coloured fabric, and is not limited to just t-shirts or even clothes. For the purpose of this post, we dyed a t-shirt and leggings for my kids and it was good fun to do. What you will need: Dark coloured clothes Household bleach Access to aContinue reading “Bleach Dyeing Clothes”

DIY Paper Leaf Wreath

I absolutely love making paper leaf wreaths as the whole family can get involved. My toddler even coloured in some leaves to add to the wreath, so when I look at it, I know we all had a part in the making of it. This wreath is simple to make and can be recycled afterContinue reading “DIY Paper Leaf Wreath”

DIY Photo Frame To Do List

My 9 year old likes to write her school morning routine down, so I repurposed an old photo frame into a wipe clean to do list for her bedroom. It was incredibly simple to make, and I have made it simpler by creating a free A4 printable of our template for you to download. GetContinue reading “DIY Photo Frame To Do List”