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Breakfast Ice Cream

This is the healthy ice cream treat that my kids think is awesome. Ice cream for breakfast is cool in any kid’s book, right? Just remember to tell them the actual ingredients in case they tell their teachers that mum or dad gave them ice cream for breakfast *cringe*. Frozen banana slices (1 banana perContinue reading “Breakfast Ice Cream”


Freezing Sandwiches

One thing I don’t let go bad is bread. My family do go through a lot of bread, so it never has a chance to get stale. However, if it doesn’t get eaten, or I find bread reduced in the supermarket, I like to ensure it gets used by making up sandwiches and freezing them.Continue reading “Freezing Sandwiches”

Super Simple Banana Bread

I know that you may be sick of hearing about banana bread because there was a real fad for baking it during the lockdown, but I love making it and I always get asked for my recipe. In true Sensibly Frugal Living style, there is nothing complex or fancy about my recipe. What you willContinue reading “Super Simple Banana Bread”

Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes

Whenever I post about my slow cooked jacket potatoes on Instagram, I get lots of comments from people who had no idea you can cook them in a slow cooker. You certainly can, and yes, the skin goes crispy (probably not as crispy as in the oven, but good enough for my family.) I loveContinue reading “Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes”

Everything I Made from One Bag of Plain Flour

During a pandemic it seems everyone wants flour. Why? Because it’s long lasting and can be used in variety of ways. I had this post idea when someone told me they bought 10 bags of plain flour to stockpile. I couldn’t comprehend why a family of four would need to stockpile that much flour, consideringContinue reading “Everything I Made from One Bag of Plain Flour”

A Frugal Pizza Tip

Pizzas are reasonably cheap to make or buy, but I make them super cheap with this little frugal tip: Next time you are at your local supermarket, check the reduced bread section for any yellow sticker items to use as pizza bases. No, this doesn’t just have to be actual pizza bases, it can beContinue reading “A Frugal Pizza Tip”

Celebrating Valentines Day at Home for £5.25!

2021 is taking its lead from 2020, and with Valentines Day coming up, many are looking at ways to celebrate at home and on a budget. My husband and I don’t buy each other cards and gifts for each other, instead we spend time together with a nice, evening meal. For simplicity when making theseContinue reading “Celebrating Valentines Day at Home for £5.25!”

Freezing & Defrosting Bread

I get asked a lot about freezing leftovers, but in particular, bread. Bread is something that can most certainly be frozen, and it defrosts very easily. If you are worried you won’t use your bread within the use by date/ before it goes bad, then here is a little bit of information about freezing andContinue reading “Freezing & Defrosting Bread”

Book Review: Feed Your Family for £20 a Week by Lorna Cooper

Feed Your Family for £20 a week by Lorna Cooper 4/5 I follow Lorna and her page on social media, so was excited to hear she had a book available. The concept of the book may sound impossible to some, (it did to me too), but once I started reading, it was clear that LornaContinue reading “Book Review: Feed Your Family for £20 a Week by Lorna Cooper”

Foods That Count Towards Your 5 A Day- With Some Surprises

When we hear ‘5 a day’, we obviously think of our fruit and vegetable intake. After a little research, I was surprised at what other foods count toward our 5 a day. Please note that just because they count toward your 5 a day, they should be eaten in a balanced diet, and be awareContinue reading “Foods That Count Towards Your 5 A Day- With Some Surprises”