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Super Frugal Gift From Your Garden

If you have gardeners in your life, what better gift than something from your own garden? If you have plants that go to seed, when you harvest them, put some seeds aside to make the perfect gift. I like to harvest my poppy seeds and lupin seeds as they are some of the most beautifulContinue reading “Super Frugal Gift From Your Garden”

17 Uses for Fresh Mint

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I have many mint plants in my garden, and I harvest them all throughout the summer. I have done a post similar to this one last year, but I have many new ideas to add this year to help you make the most of any leftover mintContinue reading “17 Uses for Fresh Mint”

Repurposing a Basket into a Planter

Baskets can make cute little planters for the garden. They are also cheap in the charity shops, and I’ve managed to get some for free. There are a few tips to bare in mind when repurposing in this way, so I have included a small tutorial. You can find my quick IGTV video tutorial onContinue reading “Repurposing a Basket into a Planter”

Growing Seedlings in Egg Cartons

Cardboard egg cartons are not only a good shape for starting off seeds, they are also compost friendly. If you eat eggs they also work out as a free, and you can always ask family and friends to save their egg cartons for you. Simply fill each hole with compost, sow your seeds, and keepContinue reading “Growing Seedlings in Egg Cartons”

Can You Sow Out of Date Seeds?

Have you got a stash of seeds that you forgot to plant? Do the packets have a use by date that has expired? Don’t chuck them in the bin, check to see if they’re still viable. Yes, seeds have a lifespan, but the dates on the packet are just a guide. It is the manufacturerContinue reading “Can You Sow Out of Date Seeds?”

Frugal Growing Tips

I always get asked for vegetable growing tips. I only have a small vegetable patch, but I wanted to share some of the tips I have learnt to help you grow healthy vegetables. Sunflowers and Tomatoes are Best Buds Planting sunflowers near your tomato crop will not only attract bees to pollinate the tomato blossoms,Continue reading “Frugal Growing Tips”

Tips to Attract Bees to Your Garden

When you think of bees, you may think of them as little honey making machines, but they are much more. The little guys are vital for pollination, and without them there wouldn’t nearly be as many plants and flowers. This of course applies to our gardens and veggie patches. states that: Bees pollinate 80%Continue reading “Tips to Attract Bees to Your Garden”

6 Ways to Use Fresh Mint This Summer

Mint, if happily situated, will just grow, and grow, and grow. So, what better way to keep that mint plant under control than to harvest it and use it this summer. I have compiled 6 ways to make the most of your mint plant this summer. Foot Soak Being on your feet all day inContinue reading “6 Ways to Use Fresh Mint This Summer”

Lemon Balm Uses

Recently, I have focussed on the various uses of lemon balm and sharing frugal ways that you can make use of this fast growing plant. I wanted to include links to all my posts in one easily accessible post. Tea Hair Rinse Grow to Gift Natural Cleaner I hope you find these posts helpful. ThereContinue reading “Lemon Balm Uses”

5 Frugal & Simple Garden Hacks

I am a keen, relatively newbie gardener, and the last few years we have started to grow vegetables and herbs. We have learnt many tips and tricks along the way, and I wanted to share some frugal and simple ones with you today: Bottle of water to keep cats away: Lie clear bottles of waterContinue reading “5 Frugal & Simple Garden Hacks”