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DIY Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings

I love polymer clay. I enjoy the satisfaction of how quickly you can get the end result. This past week, I have been working on Christmas tree earrings to try and sell as a side hustle or gift, and I thought it a good idea to share this simple idea with you. What You WillContinue reading “DIY Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings”

Planning Ahead: Presents!!!!

If you saw my latest blog on sinking funds, you’ll know that I am already planning ahead for the cost of Christmas 2022. That sinking fund is for presents for my kids and our immediate family unit. I do, however, still need to get presents for some extended family members and friends and that includesContinue reading “Planning Ahead: Presents!!!!”

How and Why I Plan My Gifting Lists in January

January is a big planning month for me. I like lists…A LOT. In January I write a list of people I buy birthday presents for and a list for Christmas too. Why? Well, I like to be as prepared as possible. If I know who I need to buy for, I can keep an eyeContinue reading “How and Why I Plan My Gifting Lists in January”

5 Free Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you on the look out for some free Christmas gift ideas? Why not consider some of the ideas in this post to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them this Christmastime? I.O.U Gift Vouchers I.O.U gift vouchers are perfect. They save you money, but still enable you to give a giftContinue reading “5 Free Christmas Gift Ideas”

Free Gift Voucher Printable (Free Christmas Gift Idea)

Not only do I have a free Christmas gift idea to share, I am also offering a free printable to make things super simple for you. Have you heard of I.O.U gift vouchers? Rather than giving gifts, you gift someone your time for things such as a free car wash or to do their laundryContinue reading “Free Gift Voucher Printable (Free Christmas Gift Idea)”

Inexpensive Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again, and whether your work colleagues organise a Secret Santa, or you are starting one with family and friends to lower the cost of Christmas, it can be daunting trying to find a gift that won’t break the bank. It can be stressful to buy a gift for someone youContinue reading “Inexpensive Secret Santa Gift Ideas”

Amazon Gifts for Harry Potter Fans on a Budget

Merchandise for children’s films can be extortionate in price. I have an 8 year old daughter who is obsessed with the Harry Potter series, so I have done my fair share of Amazon scouring for inexpensive gift ideas that make great little gifts or stocking fillers. I hope my finds help you, especially with theContinue reading “Amazon Gifts for Harry Potter Fans on a Budget”

Don’t Leave Christmas Too Late

Has anyone else had the sudden realisation that we’re already halfway to Christmas? My husband pointed this out to me, and my reply, ‘good job I start early, then.’ Yes, I pretty much start preparing for Christmas in January, and I’m here to tell you why you should too. Reasons to Start Christmas Prep Early:Continue reading “Don’t Leave Christmas Too Late”