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Super Frugal Gift From Your Garden

If you have gardeners in your life, what better gift than something from your own garden? If you have plants that go to seed, when you harvest them, put some seeds aside to make the perfect gift. I like to harvest my poppy seeds and lupin seeds as they are some of the most beautifulContinue reading “Super Frugal Gift From Your Garden”

Affordable Christmas Series: Last Minute Gift Ideas

Maybe you have unexpected guests or are still looking for an inexpensive gift idea for a family member. Whatever gift inspiration you require, I’m sure you’ll find an idea here: Bath Salts I have done a post on how simple it is to make bath salts here: Bath Salt Tutorial My children made these forContinue reading “Affordable Christmas Series: Last Minute Gift Ideas”

Free Mother’s Day Printable for Kids

I have seen many posts on social media with people trying to think up inventive Mother’s day cards and gifts due to being in self isolation etc. I decided to create a free printable with prompts for kids to fill in for their Mum’s on why their Mum is the best! The good thing aboutContinue reading “Free Mother’s Day Printable for Kids”

DIY Valentines Chocolates

These chocolates are not only good for Valentine’s day, but they also work well as birthday and Christmas gifts too. They are simple to make and decorate, and cost me just £2.60 to make 15. That works out at 3 gifts. *prices correct on at the time of posting What you will need: PetitContinue reading “DIY Valentines Chocolates”

D.I.Y Gift Ideas Using Magazines

Are you looking for ways to create inexpensive, personal gifts for friends and loved ones? Have you thought about upcycling old magazines? I’m here to show you the beautiful presents you can create from magazines. *Links to original sources and images included. Rolled Paper frame Doodle Craft Blog have a wonderful tutorial to create aContinue reading “D.I.Y Gift Ideas Using Magazines”

Simple Bath Salt Tutorial

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that my eight year old and I made my husband some simple bath salts for father’s day. He enjoys a bath with his lotions and potions, and this was a nifty, awesome gift idea. I had a couple people ask me how we made them, andContinue reading “Simple Bath Salt Tutorial”

Don’t Leave Christmas Too Late

Has anyone else had the sudden realisation that we’re already halfway to Christmas? My husband pointed this out to me, and my reply, ‘good job I start early, then.’ Yes, I pretty much start preparing for Christmas in January, and I’m here to tell you why you should too. Reasons to Start Christmas Prep Early:Continue reading “Don’t Leave Christmas Too Late”

30 Handmade Gift Ideas on a Budget

One expense that I encounter every month is gift buying. I have a large family, and there is one or more birthdays each month, not forgetting Christmas. A great way to reduce the expense is to get creative with handmade gifts. Painted stones Painted/ decorated photo frame Chocolate Truffles Herb and salt bath soak ScrapContinue reading “30 Handmade Gift Ideas on a Budget”

5 D.I.Y Gifts to Make From Your Herb Garden

Do you have a herb garden, or thinking about starting one? One frugal reason to start growing herbs is to save money on gifts for loved ones. Yes, herbs aren’t just for eating. I have 5 D.I.Y ‘herby’ gift ideas to show you how you can make your herb garden stretch further. Fresh Herb WaxContinue reading “5 D.I.Y Gifts to Make From Your Herb Garden”