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My Lockdown Related Posts from 2020

There has been a small change to my blog schedule as I did have another post planned for today, but I have moved that until Monday. With the current lockdown announced in England on Monday 4th, I wanted to share some of my past posts from lockdown 2020 that may be of use to people.Continue reading “My Lockdown Related Posts from 2020”

Summer Bucket List 2020

After receiving some messages about my 2020 summer plans, I decided to share our summer bucket list with you all. We make one every year, and list all the things we would like to accomplish. Of course, this year feels much different than previous years, but we still wanted to create a list of funContinue reading “Summer Bucket List 2020”

10 ways to Have a Frugal Beach Day

Are you planning a trip to the beach during the summer holidays? Family days out can end up costing a small fortune, but beach days need not. Here are my 10 tips for frugal beach days: Take a picnic and drinks. Check to see if there is a Freecycle for beach toys etc at theContinue reading “10 ways to Have a Frugal Beach Day”

Summer on a Budget: 10 Activities for Families

The summer months bring more expense in my house. Having children home from school not only increases the grocery bill, but trying to keep them entertained can cost an arm and a leg. As a family, we go to two or three attractions i.e. theme parks and animal sanctuaries during the holidays, but it’s aContinue reading “Summer on a Budget: 10 Activities for Families”

Half Term Frugal Fun

It is the first day of the May half term in the UK. Fingers crossed the weather stays kind to us and the children can enjoy the outdoors. In this post, I have 5 indoor and 5 outdoor frugal activities for family fun whatever the weather. *affiliate links used in this post. Indoor Activities BlanketContinue reading “Half Term Frugal Fun”

Spring Family Bucket List

Sunny spells, sudden showers, Easter holidays, and a sense of new life. That is what spring means to me. Get out and enjoy the warmer weather, even the wetter days, by creating a Spring bucket list! All of your activities can be free or inexpensive and you can still make the most of springtime asContinue reading “Spring Family Bucket List”

15 Rainy Day Family Activities on a Budget

When the weather is bad and the kids are bored, it is easy to jump in the car and head to the cinema, soft play etc. All these activities can be pricey, and can also get repetitive. As a family, we have experience in entertaining kids on a budget, and I have put together aContinue reading “15 Rainy Day Family Activities on a Budget”