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Quarantine Bucket List for Kids

This is a time of uncertainty for our little ones, so keeping them occupied and positive is a must. Not only will creating a bucket list of things to do during the lockdown minimise boredom, it is a fun way to get to all of those tasks/ ideas you have been putting off. Use thisContinue reading “Quarantine Bucket List for Kids”

Book Review: Frizzy Hair by Susan.P.G.Jardinier (A Frugal Review)

*Thanks goes to the author for providing me with a free copy of this ebook. I was not paid for this review and my opinions are all my own. Note: I am reviewing this book with the frugal living community in mind. Blurb: We were tired of wasting our time and money. And we wereContinue reading “Book Review: Frizzy Hair by Susan.P.G.Jardinier (A Frugal Review)”

20 Budget World Book Day Costume Ideas

With World Book Day fast approaching once again… didn’t we just have that?? I wanted to repost my list of budget costume ideas that are simple to create. 101 Dalmatians. An old white top with black spots drawn on in marker pen and a pair of black trousers. For added effect, you can draw onContinue reading “20 Budget World Book Day Costume Ideas”

How to Harvest Nettles

What is a Nettle A nettle (proper name: Urtica Dioica) is a herbaceous plant with stinging hairs that inject histamines and other various irritants that cause pain when they come in contact with skin. Nettles can be harvested and cooked. Cooking a nettle effectively removes the sting. Why to Harvest Nettles That pesky, painful weedContinue reading “How to Harvest Nettles”

End of Summer Car Cleaning and Maintenance

A big part of frugality is maintaining what you have. Our car is a big asset to us, one we can not readily replace, so we try to maintain it as much as possible. While I recommend a garage for all mechanical maintenance, there are some we can all keep on top of at home.Continue reading “End of Summer Car Cleaning and Maintenance”