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Crisp Tube Gift Box

I took a look around my house and asked myself what could I turn into a gift if I had a small budget and zero time… that is when I created this gift box stuffed with sweets. It cost me £1 in total as I had everything I needed to create the gift box, butContinue reading “Crisp Tube Gift Box”

Free Christmas Activities for Families

Please, don’t believe that you need lots of money to make fun, Christmas memories with your family. We all know how expensive Christmas can be, especially with children to buy for, but don’t let that put you off spending time together. I have compiled a list of activities for you to try this Christmastime. TakeContinue reading “Free Christmas Activities for Families”

How to Re-Use Gift Wrap

Do you want a frugal tip for cutting costs next Christmas? What if I told you that you could re-use gift wrap from the presents you receive? I’m telling you this now, so you can be conscious of the idea of saving gift wrap this Christmas. It is especially good if you receive a giftContinue reading “How to Re-Use Gift Wrap”

2020 Calendar Gift Idea

One sure hit at Christmas are kids crafts. Grandparents and aunts and uncles usually go all mushy over a cute, homemade craft from the little ones. This year, we have made 2020 calendars, and I want to show you how we did it. What you will need: 2020 tear off calendar pads Card cut intoContinue reading “2020 Calendar Gift Idea”