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3 Ingredient Cookies

My family loves these 3 ingredient cookies, and I wanted to share this simple, budget friendly recipe with you. Ingredients: 2 ripe bananas 2 tbsp of peanut butter 100g of Oats Method: Heat your oven to 180 Mash or blend the bananas Add all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and combine Line a bakingContinue reading “3 Ingredient Cookies”


500g Minced Beef into 3 Meals for a Family of 4!

You may not believe me when I say I can turn 500g of minced beef into 3 meals for my family of 4, but I am hear to show you some tips and tricks for making meat stretch, and how you can still feed your family a tasty, filling meal. For perspective, this is whatContinue reading “500g Minced Beef into 3 Meals for a Family of 4!”

Super Simple Tuna Fish Pie

There’s nothing worse than looking for a simple, filling recipe to feed your family and all the recipes are complication and the ingredient lists long. I am here with a frugal family meal that is as easy to make as it is inexpensive: Tuna Fish Pie. Ingredients: 6 medium potatoes 1 x can of tunaContinue reading “Super Simple Tuna Fish Pie”

Basic White Sauce Recipe

I make a lot of meals that require a basic white sauce, and I am always surprised how many people either don’t know how to make a white sauce, or think it is hard to do. It really is so simple. It tastes much better and works out cheaper than buying the ready made sauces.Continue reading “Basic White Sauce Recipe”

Making Ingredients Stretch

When it comes to saving money on groceries, it is not just about how you shop. You have to be a conscious cook and meal planner too. By this, I mean that making ingredients stretch and having a no waste approach to your meal plan is just as important. I have 5 tried and testedContinue reading “Making Ingredients Stretch”

Simple Oaty Biscuits

These oaty biscuits require minimal effort and taste scrummy. I tend to make these when I have oats to use up. Most of these ingredients are in your pantry right now. A little goes a long way with these ingredients. *Note, these ingredients can be tweaked to suit your needs. For example, where I stateContinue reading “Simple Oaty Biscuits”

No Food Waste Here

This blog post is all about preventing food waste. I have compiled a list of 10 perishable items and some simple ways to make use of them. Note: this post is in regards to food that is looking a bit sad and passed it’s best. Cucumbers A cucumber that is passed it’s best can beContinue reading “No Food Waste Here”

Building a Mini Stockpile for Tight Weeks

Why build a stockpile? When you hear the word stockpile, you may think doomsday prepper or extreme couponer. What I am suggesting is not quite that extreme, but it does involve building up a small stash of long-life foods/ freezer meals for weeks when money may be a little tight. Cutting your grocery bill andContinue reading “Building a Mini Stockpile for Tight Weeks”

5 Budget Pasta Meals

Pasta is a pantry staple in my house. Why? Because it is a cheap meal to make for the whole family. I buy pasta in bulk as the 3kg bag (in Tesco UK) costs me just £2.85. This will last my family of four about four to six weeks if we have approximately two pastaContinue reading “5 Budget Pasta Meals”

Simple Tips to Prevent Food Waste and Lower Grocery Costs

After posting lots of tips and tricks on preventing food waste and saving money on groceries on Instagram, I thought I’d share some here. I am a huge advocate of meal planning, food management, and preventing food waste. My grocery budget is one of my biggest household bills, and I strive to keep it low.Continue reading “Simple Tips to Prevent Food Waste and Lower Grocery Costs”