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Bleach Dyeing Clothes

This DIY bleach project will work on any darker coloured fabric, and is not limited to just t-shirts or even clothes. For the purpose of this post, we dyed a t-shirt and leggings for my kids and it was good fun to do. What you will need: Dark coloured clothes Household bleach Access to aContinue reading “Bleach Dyeing Clothes”

Simple Way to Press Flowers

My kids and I have been having great fun making crafts outs of pressed flowers. I will be sharing these crafts with you in the very near future, but first, I wanted to share the actual pressing process we use. It is so simple, you don’t need to order any fancy equipment. I just usedContinue reading “Simple Way to Press Flowers”

Malory Towers World Book Day Costume

*affiliate link used I posted snippets of my daughter’s Darrel Rivers (Malory Towers) World Book Day costume that I have been putting together on Instagram, so I wanted to share with you how we put together a frugal costume that my 9 year old girl is very happy with. My daughter is a big bookContinue reading “Malory Towers World Book Day Costume”

20 Budget World Book Day Costume Ideas

With World Book Day fast approaching once again… didn’t we just have that?? I wanted to repost my list of budget costume ideas that are simple to create. 101 Dalmatians. An old white top with black spots drawn on in marker pen and a pair of black trousers. For added effect, you can draw onContinue reading “20 Budget World Book Day Costume Ideas”

DIY Recycled Desk Tidy

In this post, I am going to show you how to make a funky, practical desk tidy out of toilet paper tubes and plastic lids. It really is simple to create a useful item to store your pens and paper clips etc. This is especially handy for kid’s desks and encourages tidiness. What you willContinue reading “DIY Recycled Desk Tidy”

DIY Sweet Crackers

Christmas can become pricey if you don’t look for ways to be more frugal with gift giving. If you are on a tight budget, these sweet crackers are a great idea. Just gifting one packet of sweets may not look like much, but these crackers jazz up the gift for little expense. What You WillContinue reading “DIY Sweet Crackers”

Handmade Christmas Decoration Ideas

Paper Chains Simple yet effective. Cut even strips of paper in your colour theme. Loop them through each other and tape into a circle. Continue on until a chain forms. Painted Pine Cones This is simple craft that can be totally free if you collect your own pine cones. Dry your pine cones thoroughly, thenContinue reading “Handmade Christmas Decoration Ideas”

Harry Potter Themed Party on a Budget

Last year, my daughter wanted a Harry Potter themed birthday party at home, and after looking at the prices for party supplies online, I decided that I was going to get creative and frugal and do it all myself. Hogwarts Invites It is incredibly easy to find a free template and print it out toContinue reading “Harry Potter Themed Party on a Budget”

Bonfire Night Craft for Kids

The 5th of November is Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night) in the UK. We celebrate with organised firework displays, and this upcoming event spurred me to post a fun, frugal craft idea to get your kids in the spirit. Cupcake Case Fireworks What you will need: Cupcake cases Paper Scissors Glue Pens and crayons Directions:Continue reading “Bonfire Night Craft for Kids”

D.I.Y Halloween Decorations on a Budget

If there is one thing my daughter looks forward to each October, it is the Halloween crafts. We have a few crafty sessions throughout the month, and everything we make can double up as decorations. Everything in this post is made from items that can be easily sourced (most from around the home) and areContinue reading “D.I.Y Halloween Decorations on a Budget”