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DIY Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings

I love polymer clay. I enjoy the satisfaction of how quickly you can get the end result. This past week, I have been working on Christmas tree earrings to try and sell as a side hustle or gift, and I thought it a good idea to share this simple idea with you. What You WillContinue reading “DIY Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings”

Bonfire Night Craft

If you are looking for a fun craft idea to do with your kids to mark November 5th (Bonfire Night UK), then these pipe cleaner fireworks are a fun, cheery craft to get stuck into. I found this craft idea on Pinterest (credit unknown). What you will need: Toilet roll tubes Coloured paper or cardContinue reading “Bonfire Night Craft”

Simple and Cheap Halloween Biscuit Decorating

Don’t have time to bake, but still want the kids to have a little Halloween fun, or are you looking for a cheap Halloween treat idea for a buffet? Then, why not decorate some digestive biscuits. This is a craft activity you can let your kids loose with. You can make a whole batch withContinue reading “Simple and Cheap Halloween Biscuit Decorating”

DIY Paper Leaf Wreath

I absolutely love making paper leaf wreaths as the whole family can get involved. My toddler even coloured in some leaves to add to the wreath, so when I look at it, I know we all had a part in the making of it. This wreath is simple to make and can be recycled afterContinue reading “DIY Paper Leaf Wreath”

Autumn Craft: Decoupage Candle Jars

I like making seasonal crafts with my children that can also double as decor. This candle jar craft is great for older children. My 9 year old really enjoyed this and asked to make more, which we shall do in the near future. What you will need: Clean jars PVA glue Paint brush A damagedContinue reading “Autumn Craft: Decoupage Candle Jars”

Easter Tree

It is Easter weekend, and I wanted to do a big, impressive craft with the kids. Easter won’t be the same this year for any of us due to social distancing, and as we usually have a family trip out on the Easter weekend, I am trying to think up lots of fun ways forContinue reading “Easter Tree”

Frugal Boredom Busters: Crafts

If you are a parent, you may be in desperate need of some boredom busters right about now. I am dedicating my next 3 posts to frugal boredom busters to keep your kids entertained. There will be three posts in this series: crafts, games, and imaginative play, Today, I am going to share some craftContinue reading “Frugal Boredom Busters: Crafts”

Quarantine Bucket List for Kids

This is a time of uncertainty for our little ones, so keeping them occupied and positive is a must. Not only will creating a bucket list of things to do during the lockdown minimise boredom, it is a fun way to get to all of those tasks/ ideas you have been putting off. Use thisContinue reading “Quarantine Bucket List for Kids”

Memory Tin/ Time Capsule

I saw a fantastic post on Facebook (unsure of the creator). The post very rightly stated that our children are currently living through history, so why not create a time capsule with newspaper cuttings/ online article print outs and diary inserts etc about what it is like living in lockdown during the Coronavirus, so theyContinue reading “Memory Tin/ Time Capsule”

Save & Make Money by Upcycling Furniture & Home Decor

The word upcycling can scare some people, especially those who are not very DIY minded, but you can save money (and even make money) by choosing simple upcycle projects. You don’t need to be wielding power tools to give something a new lease of life. Simple Upcycle Project Ideas Sand and paint a piece ofContinue reading “Save & Make Money by Upcycling Furniture & Home Decor”