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Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of year again. The time to show the mother figures in our lives that we appreciate them. If you are on a tight budget, these gifts are inexpensive, but would make any Mum happy. Quote Sign Shop Here. Coaster Shop Here. Wooden Ornaments Shop Here. Bracelet Shop Here. Toiletries Shop Here. ScratchContinue reading “Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts”

Are You Prepping for Winter 22?

I am very aware of the energy price cap increases and how this will make winter particularly hard (UK). I have been gathering up some things and prepping for winter to lower our electricity usage where possible: Tips: Warm Yourselves Before Your Rooms Can you add layers and try to keep yourself warm before turningContinue reading “Are You Prepping for Winter 22?”

Sourcing Back to School Supplies

The start of the school term is fast approaching (UK) and for many it can be an expensive time. I am all for keeping back to school costs low, and here is how I suggest to do it: Gather What You Have Shop your house first. Check your stationery supply, and see if old uniformsContinue reading “Sourcing Back to School Supplies”

No Spend January

After a heavy financial month in December and with the goal of buying a new-to-us car at some point in 2022, we are kicking of 2022 with a ‘No Spend January’. What is a No Spend Month? A no spend month is a month where you set yourself the challenge of not buying anything andContinue reading “No Spend January”

30 Super Scrimp Meal Ideas

*This is a re-post of a post from last year. I am getting many requests on social media for super scrimp meal ideas, so what better time to re-post this blog post for new and old followers. There are some weeks where we need to cut back more than others. If you are meal planningContinue reading “30 Super Scrimp Meal Ideas”

Frugal Boredom Busters: Crafts

If you are a parent, you may be in desperate need of some boredom busters right about now. I am dedicating my next 3 posts to frugal boredom busters to keep your kids entertained. There will be three posts in this series: crafts, games, and imaginative play, Today, I am going to share some craftContinue reading “Frugal Boredom Busters: Crafts”

10 Frugal Living and Personal Finance Ebooks to Check Out

Starting your frugal living or debt free journey can be daunting, especially if you have no clue where exactly to start. Why not take some tips and advice from people who have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt? I have compiled a list of 10 frugal living and personal finance eBooks that haveContinue reading “10 Frugal Living and Personal Finance Ebooks to Check Out”

DIY Colour Learning Game for Preschoolers

I have a 21 month old son who is developing an interest for understanding colours. He has learnt blue and green, but I wanted to give him some tools to help him master the other colours through play. Children learn more and take in more information when they are having fun. With this in mind,Continue reading “DIY Colour Learning Game for Preschoolers”

Building a Mini Stockpile for Tight Weeks

Why build a stockpile? When you hear the word stockpile, you may think doomsday prepper or extreme couponer. What I am suggesting is not quite that extreme, but it does involve building up a small stash of long-life foods/ freezer meals for weeks when money may be a little tight. Cutting your grocery bill andContinue reading “Building a Mini Stockpile for Tight Weeks”

DIY Cardboard Car Track

Do you have a toddler who loves wheeling toy cars around and pretending to be a little race car driver? Why not create a car track out of recyclable materials that is totally free to make. Once they grow bored of it, you can stick it in the recycling bin. This is more than justContinue reading “DIY Cardboard Car Track”