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10 Tips to Lower Household Costs During self Isolation and Working From Home

Now we are spending a lot of time in our own homes, you will no doubt notice a spike in certain household costs such as electricity and groceries etc. A bit of careful adjustment and forward planning is a great way to keep these costs down as much as possibly, especially during this uncertain financialContinue reading “10 Tips to Lower Household Costs During self Isolation and Working From Home”

Box of Wishes

The last few days, my 9 year old daughter has been a little down in the dumps. The social distancing has really started to dawn on her and she is missing friends and family, and just the little things we usually take for granted. She told me she wishes a friend could come for teaContinue reading “Box of Wishes”

Frugal Tips For self Isolation and Lockdown #1

I wanted to share the tips I have shared to Instagram on living frugally during self isolation and possible lockdown due to the Coronavirus, so you can have them in one post. I will continue to compile any tips I think of in these posts. These are very strange, unprecedented times, and we must prepareContinue reading “Frugal Tips For self Isolation and Lockdown #1”

Simple Homemade, Reusable Baby Wipes

The panic buying is causing a shortage of essential items for parents of young children. One item that has been selling out in every store is baby wipes. If you are in need of baby wipes, or are worried you will run out, then this post is here to help. DIY reusable baby wipes areContinue reading “Simple Homemade, Reusable Baby Wipes”

D.I.Y Dog Toy

My Nan has a Bichon Frise who bites and tears through toys like paper. Buying replacements ends up costing a small fortune, and all that one use plastic and stuffing is not good for the environment. I have seen many of these dog toys online and thought I’d give it a go. The result wasContinue reading “D.I.Y Dog Toy”

Day 17: Frugal Tip Advent

Welcome to day 17 of my Frugal Tip Advent. Each day until December 24th I shall post one tip here (and on Instagram). Day 17: ________________________ Content belongs to Sensibly Frugal Living Pinterest Instagram Facebook