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Quarantine Bucket List for Kids

This is a time of uncertainty for our little ones, so keeping them occupied and positive is a must. Not only will creating a bucket list of things to do during the lockdown minimise boredom, it is a fun way to get to all of those tasks/ ideas you have been putting off. Use thisContinue reading “Quarantine Bucket List for Kids”

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

During self-isolation and lockdown the kids can go stir crazy. Having a catalogue of ideas to keep them entertained really helps. My idea for today’s post is one for everyone. I wanted to prove that you don’t need to have a garden or outside space to do a scavenger hunt. An indoor scavenger hunt isContinue reading “Indoor Scavenger Hunt”

Simple Homemade, Reusable Baby Wipes

The panic buying is causing a shortage of essential items for parents of young children. One item that has been selling out in every store is baby wipes. If you are in need of baby wipes, or are worried you will run out, then this post is here to help. DIY reusable baby wipes areContinue reading “Simple Homemade, Reusable Baby Wipes”

D.I.Y Marble Run

With people stockpiling crazy amounts of toilet paper, I thought it a great time to share our toilet roll tube, marble run project. This project came about after my eldest received a marble run, and my toddler could not play with it as he puts everything in his mouth, and marbles make me nervous anyway.Continue reading “D.I.Y Marble Run”

Malory Towers World Book Day Costume

*affiliate link used I posted snippets of my daughter’s Darrel Rivers (Malory Towers) World Book Day costume that I have been putting together on Instagram, so I wanted to share with you how we put together a frugal costume that my 9 year old girl is very happy with. My daughter is a big bookContinue reading “Malory Towers World Book Day Costume”

DIY Colour Learning Game for Preschoolers

I have a 21 month old son who is developing an interest for understanding colours. He has learnt blue and green, but I wanted to give him some tools to help him master the other colours through play. Children learn more and take in more information when they are having fun. With this in mind,Continue reading “DIY Colour Learning Game for Preschoolers”

DIY Cardboard Car Track

Do you have a toddler who loves wheeling toy cars around and pretending to be a little race car driver? Why not create a car track out of recyclable materials that is totally free to make. Once they grow bored of it, you can stick it in the recycling bin. This is more than justContinue reading “DIY Cardboard Car Track”

The Second-Hand Birthday Present Challenge

My son is turning 2 in May, and I have set myself the challenge to source as many of his birthday presents as I can can second hand. I wanted to document this to prove that it can be done, and that you can source good quality items. I am posting this now, to giveContinue reading “The Second-Hand Birthday Present Challenge”

Homemade, Non-Toxic Play Dough

My 20 month old son loves to join in with what his 9 year old sister is doing. However, modelling clay is out of the question as he does still like to put things in his mouth. That was when we decided to make our own non-toxic play dough for the two of them toContinue reading “Homemade, Non-Toxic Play Dough”

3 Spooky and Fun Halloween Ideas

Making a special Halloween for your kids doesn’t mean spending a fortune. You can create some fun spookiness with these 3 D.I.Y ideas. Creepy Crawly Handwash This really is a simple spooky idea to give your kids a little fright. Who knows, it may encourage better hand-washing too. All you need is some of theContinue reading “3 Spooky and Fun Halloween Ideas”