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Summer on a Budget: 10 Activities for Families

The summer months bring more expense in my house. Having children home from school not only increases the grocery bill, but trying to keep them entertained can cost an arm and a leg. As a family, we go to two or three attractions i.e. theme parks and animal sanctuaries during the holidays, but it’s aContinue reading “Summer on a Budget: 10 Activities for Families”

Summer Boredom Buster Jar

The summer holidays are just around the corner, and no matter how much we plan, prep, and do with the children, there will still be days where we need to run errands, get chores done, and wait in for that important delivery. On those days, kids can get bored and restless. The last thing youContinue reading “Summer Boredom Buster Jar”

Build a Junk Modelling Kit

One of the cheapest activities to entertain your children is junk modelling. The frugality is in the name… junk. I have spent the last few weeks building a junk modelling kit for my daughter to pull out on those rainy days or just days when creativity strikes her, and I thought I’d compile a helpfulContinue reading “Build a Junk Modelling Kit”

How to Host an ‘Everything £1’ Event

I’m not going to lie and say that there isn’t a fair amount of planning involved in hosting an ‘Everything £1’ event, but get your friends involved and share the prep of what can be a potentially fruitful event for you all. You get to make money from your old bits and bobs, and potentially,Continue reading “How to Host an ‘Everything £1’ Event”

Half Term Frugal Fun

It is the first day of the May half term in the UK. Fingers crossed the weather stays kind to us and the children can enjoy the outdoors. In this post, I have 5 indoor and 5 outdoor frugal activities for family fun whatever the weather. *affiliate links used in this post. Indoor Activities BlanketContinue reading “Half Term Frugal Fun”

5 Ways to Make Saving Fun for Kids

When most kids receive money they spend it like it is burning a hole in their pocket. My eight year old is the same. However, with these tried and tested techniques you can make saving fun for your children and teach them a valuable life skill in the process. A Reason Most children find itContinue reading “5 Ways to Make Saving Fun for Kids”

How Your Frugal Lifestyle Benefits Your Children

Most parents strive to give their children a better life than they had when they were children. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that this means giving your children everything they ever wanted, spending a fortune, and providing them with a privileged lifestyle. What if I told you that a better life doesn’t mean a moreContinue reading “How Your Frugal Lifestyle Benefits Your Children”

Spring Family Bucket List

Sunny spells, sudden showers, Easter holidays, and a sense of new life. That is what spring means to me. Get out and enjoy the warmer weather, even the wetter days, by creating a Spring bucket list! All of your activities can be free or inexpensive and you can still make the most of springtime asContinue reading “Spring Family Bucket List”

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

With spring fast approaching, and the Easter holidays just around the corner, many parents are looking for activities that are not only inexpensive, but engaging for children. What better way to embrace the spring, than with an outside activity… a scavenger hunt? I have created some scavenger hunt ideas that you are welcome to use.Continue reading “Scavenger Hunt Ideas”

20 Simple and Cheap Book Day Costumes

Book day is fast approaching and that only means one thing… character costumes. Shop bought costumes can be pricey, especially if you have more than one child. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of simple and cheap costumes to make at home. I have even thrown in some bonus ideas to makeContinue reading “20 Simple and Cheap Book Day Costumes”