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Treat Your Time Like Money

Isn’t it quite something that we’d happily waste time but not our money? This post is all about appreciating what is the most important of the two, and how we can stop wasting our own time. ‘There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most importantContinue reading “Treat Your Time Like Money”


No Spend January

After a heavy financial month in December and with the goal of buying a new-to-us car at some point in 2022, we are kicking of 2022 with a ‘No Spend January’. What is a No Spend Month? A no spend month is a month where you set yourself the challenge of not buying anything andContinue reading “No Spend January”

Book Review: Dosh by Rashmi Sirdeshpande

I was gifted a copy of this book (thanks to Hachette Kids and Tandem Collective), and I thought it was right up my street as I have a child who is of perfect age for this book. Because this book is for middle grade kids, who better to give an opinion than my daughter herself:Continue reading “Book Review: Dosh by Rashmi Sirdeshpande”

Why I Switched to Bar Soap…

Bar soaps for showering and hand washing and shampoo soaps are far from a new thing, but you would be surprised how many questions I get asked when I say I’ve made the switch away from liquid shower gels and shampoos etc. One of the most common ones… ‘does it clean you properly?’ Yes, itContinue reading “Why I Switched to Bar Soap…”

Simple Pizza Base Recipe

It is much cheaper to make your own pizza bases and make homemade pizzas. When buying shop bought, you pay for the convenience. A lot of people are daunted by the thought of making pizza bases, but I am here to show you how easy it is. Ingredients: 350g Plain Flour or strong white flourContinue reading “Simple Pizza Base Recipe”

My Bread Roll Recipe

I have been asked numerous times on social media to share my bread roll recipe, so here it is. It is nothing fancy, but I find it frugal to make my own and they freeze well. You do not need a bread mixer for this recipe. I do it all by hand. Ingredients: 500g StrongContinue reading “My Bread Roll Recipe”

10 Tips to Lower Household Costs During self Isolation and Working From Home

Now we are spending a lot of time in our own homes, you will no doubt notice a spike in certain household costs such as electricity and groceries etc. A bit of careful adjustment and forward planning is a great way to keep these costs down as much as possibly, especially during this uncertain financialContinue reading “10 Tips to Lower Household Costs During self Isolation and Working From Home”

Memory Tin/ Time Capsule

I saw a fantastic post on Facebook (unsure of the creator). The post very rightly stated that our children are currently living through history, so why not create a time capsule with newspaper cuttings/ online article print outs and diary inserts etc about what it is like living in lockdown during the Coronavirus, so theyContinue reading “Memory Tin/ Time Capsule”

Frugal Tips For self Isolation and Lockdown #1

I wanted to share the tips I have shared to Instagram on living frugally during self isolation and possible lockdown due to the Coronavirus, so you can have them in one post. I will continue to compile any tips I think of in these posts. These are very strange, unprecedented times, and we must prepareContinue reading “Frugal Tips For self Isolation and Lockdown #1”

Free Mother’s Day Printable for Kids

I have seen many posts on social media with people trying to think up inventive Mother’s day cards and gifts due to being in self isolation etc. I decided to create a free printable with prompts for kids to fill in for their Mum’s on why their Mum is the best! The good thing aboutContinue reading “Free Mother’s Day Printable for Kids”