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15 Rainy Day Family Activities on a Budget

When the weather is bad and the kids are bored, it is easy to jump in the car and head to the cinema, soft play etc. All these activities can be pricey, and can also get repetitive. As a family, we have experience in entertaining kids on a budget, and I have put together aContinue reading “15 Rainy Day Family Activities on a Budget”


10 Things I Didn’t Bother Buying for Baby Number 2

Let’s be honest, being first time, expectant parents is daunting. The best way to make it less so is to be prepared, and with that in mind, we buy everything we could possibly need for our bundle of joy’s arrival. I did the same. I spent money where I now know I didn’t need toContinue reading “10 Things I Didn’t Bother Buying for Baby Number 2”

How to Host a Book Swap Party

Yes, book swap parties are a real thing! I got invited to one, and I want to share the brilliance with you. I think the concept behind these parties fits excellently with Sensibly Frugal Living’s message: you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun, and second hand should not be scoffed at. WhatContinue reading “How to Host a Book Swap Party”

50 Simple Ways to Save Money | Life on a Budget

Living within your means and cutting costs doesn’t have to be hard work. If you look at where the money goes within your household, you can find ways to cut back or be more energy efficient. The little things do make a difference, and pennies really do lead to pounds. I have compiled a listContinue reading “50 Simple Ways to Save Money | Life on a Budget”

10 Tips for a Buffet on a Budget

Some occasions in life need celebrating: birthdays, christenings, anniversaries to name a few. Get-togethers are about the company and… the food. It is much cheaper to prepare your own buffet than to have a venue or outside caterers provide the food. Even then, a buffet can become costly. Fear not, I have put on manyContinue reading “10 Tips for a Buffet on a Budget”