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Breakfast Ice Cream

This is the healthy ice cream treat that my kids think is awesome. Ice cream for breakfast is cool in any kid’s book, right? Just remember to tell them the actual ingredients in case they tell their teachers that mum or dad gave them ice cream for breakfast *cringe*. Frozen banana slices (1 banana perContinue reading “Breakfast Ice Cream”


Big News!

I wanted to inform you all of something exciting that I have been working on for the past few weeks! I’m on Youtube! I have been turning my blog content into Youtube videos and my first went live today! This has been a real labour of love, so if you are over on Youtube, IContinue reading “Big News!”

Freezing Sandwiches

One thing I don’t let go bad is bread. My family do go through a lot of bread, so it never has a chance to get stale. However, if it doesn’t get eaten, or I find bread reduced in the supermarket, I like to ensure it gets used by making up sandwiches and freezing them.Continue reading “Freezing Sandwiches”

Super Simple Banana Bread

I know that you may be sick of hearing about banana bread because there was a real fad for baking it during the lockdown, but I love making it and I always get asked for my recipe. In true Sensibly Frugal Living style, there is nothing complex or fancy about my recipe. What you willContinue reading “Super Simple Banana Bread”

17 Uses for Fresh Mint

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I have many mint plants in my garden, and I harvest them all throughout the summer. I have done a post similar to this one last year, but I have many new ideas to add this year to help you make the most of any leftover mintContinue reading “17 Uses for Fresh Mint”

Repurposing a Basket into a Planter

Baskets can make cute little planters for the garden. They are also cheap in the charity shops, and I’ve managed to get some for free. There are a few tips to bare in mind when repurposing in this way, so I have included a small tutorial. You can find my quick IGTV video tutorial onContinue reading “Repurposing a Basket into a Planter”

Growing Seedlings in Egg Cartons

Cardboard egg cartons are not only a good shape for starting off seeds, they are also compost friendly. If you eat eggs they also work out as a free, and you can always ask family and friends to save their egg cartons for you. Simply fill each hole with compost, sow your seeds, and keepContinue reading “Growing Seedlings in Egg Cartons”

Can You Sow Out of Date Seeds?

Have you got a stash of seeds that you forgot to plant? Do the packets have a use by date that has expired? Don’t chuck them in the bin, check to see if they’re still viable. Yes, seeds have a lifespan, but the dates on the packet are just a guide. It is the manufacturerContinue reading “Can You Sow Out of Date Seeds?”

Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes

Whenever I post about my slow cooked jacket potatoes on Instagram, I get lots of comments from people who had no idea you can cook them in a slow cooker. You certainly can, and yes, the skin goes crispy (probably not as crispy as in the oven, but good enough for my family.) I loveContinue reading “Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes”

Frugal Growing Tips

I always get asked for vegetable growing tips. I only have a small vegetable patch, but I wanted to share some of the tips I have learnt to help you grow healthy vegetables. Sunflowers and Tomatoes are Best Buds Planting sunflowers near your tomato crop will not only attract bees to pollinate the tomato blossoms,Continue reading “Frugal Growing Tips”