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5 Frugal Ideas for Your Garden

Some of the gardens you see on social media look so beautiful, but you know they cost fortune to replicate. If you are not looking for a garden overhaul or landscaping, but just want to make a few changes, then read on: Painting Plant Pots A good way to create uniform in your garden isContinue reading “5 Frugal Ideas for Your Garden”


Repurposing: Simple Storage Ideas

Storage can be an issue for us all. I have some nifty repurposing ideas for tidying and storage solutions in the home. Washing Basket Toy Box Takeaway Tub Drawer Separators Cardboard Bow Holder Cereal Box File Cutlery Drawer Jewellery Tidy Content belongs to Sensibly Frugal Living Pinterest Instagram Facebook

How to Get Free Ebooks

I am a massive book lover, and I always get asked where I find free ebooks. I thought I’d let you in on some of my tricks: Search Amazon Top Free 100 Authors, especially self-published ones, want reviews or to get readers invested in a series. The best way to do this is offer yourContinue reading “How to Get Free Ebooks”

Everything I Made from One Bag of Plain Flour

During a pandemic it seems everyone wants flour. Why? Because it’s long lasting and can be used in variety of ways. I had this post idea when someone told me they bought 10 bags of plain flour to stockpile. I couldn’t comprehend why a family of four would need to stockpile that much flour, consideringContinue reading “Everything I Made from One Bag of Plain Flour”

Can I Still Sell Unwanted Items During a Lockdown/ Pandemic?

Yes, you most certainly can still sell unwanted items during a lockdown/ pandemic, but there are some ways to do so wisely. This post is aimed at selling items locally i.e via Facebook Marketplace etc. I always get questions about selling items this way during a lockdown as there is to be no contact betweenContinue reading “Can I Still Sell Unwanted Items During a Lockdown/ Pandemic?”

What is VidDay?

When I was contacted by VidDay, I hadn’t heard of the company or their concept before. I headed straight over to check it out and was impressed by what I read and the reviews for the product. VidDay is an online, video gift company. Perfect during these crazy times, right? If you can’t see aContinue reading “What is VidDay?”

A Frugal Pizza Tip

Pizzas are reasonably cheap to make or buy, but I make them super cheap with this little frugal tip: Next time you are at your local supermarket, check the reduced bread section for any yellow sticker items to use as pizza bases. No, this doesn’t just have to be actual pizza bases, it can beContinue reading “A Frugal Pizza Tip”

Freezing & Defrosting Bread

I get asked a lot about freezing leftovers, but in particular, bread. Bread is something that can most certainly be frozen, and it defrosts very easily. If you are worried you won’t use your bread within the use by date/ before it goes bad, then here is a little bit of information about freezing andContinue reading “Freezing & Defrosting Bread”

How to Get Fit for Free

I used to always imagine keeping fit meant buying a gym membership or buying fancy equipment for your home. I thought you’d needed to join a fitness club to stay motivated, and be kitted out in the latest work out gear, have step tracking watches, and fancy water bottles that strap to your arm. IfContinue reading “How to Get Fit for Free”

My Lockdown Related Posts from 2020

There has been a small change to my blog schedule as I did have another post planned for today, but I have moved that until Monday. With the current lockdown announced in England on Monday 4th, I wanted to share some of my past posts from lockdown 2020 that may be of use to people.Continue reading “My Lockdown Related Posts from 2020”