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Amazon Gifts for Harry Potter Fans on a Budget

Merchandise for children’s films can be extortionate in price. I have an 8 year old daughter who is obsessed with the Harry Potter series, so I have done my fair share of Amazon scouring for inexpensive gift ideas that make great little gifts or stocking fillers. I hope my finds help you, especially with theContinue reading “Amazon Gifts for Harry Potter Fans on a Budget”

Simple D.I.Y Hair De-tangling Spray

Many parents will know the struggle of brushing a child’s hair, especially if that child has longer hair. My daughter despised having her hair brushed. Seriously, I could show her a hairbrush and she’d run away screaming. That was before I learned a little trick to make a D.I.Y de-tangling spray. I’ve even used itContinue reading “Simple D.I.Y Hair De-tangling Spray”

Hand-Me-Down Upcycle: Iron Applique Patches

Hand -me- downs from relatives are much appreciated in my household because I have a daughter and a son and can’t pass on clothes from one to the other. We also pass on our old clothes within the extended family and friends. My daughter received a red rucksack in a bundle of items from aContinue reading “Hand-Me-Down Upcycle: Iron Applique Patches”

Frugal Snacks for Kids

After posting on Instagram some of the frugal snacks that I have made for my children since the holidays started, I have been asked for any other ideas I have that may help out parents faced with the dreaded ‘I’m hungry’ over and over. I have compiled a list of 5 frugal snack ideas thatContinue reading “Frugal Snacks for Kids”

Fruit Cocktail Jellies on a Budget

My children love the little pots of jelly that have fruit cocktail pieces in them, but I begrudge paying 50p+ for one small pot when I can make many more of them at home for £1.55. *I will include prices from in this post. These prices are accurate at the time of posting. WhatContinue reading “Fruit Cocktail Jellies on a Budget”

Back to School on a Budget

Back to school buying can be damaging to the bank account. School uniforms (UK) can be incredibly costly, and that’s not to mention the extras such as lunchboxes, sports bags, pencil cases etc. I have a few tips to keep costs down, and at the end of this post you can find affiliate links toContinue reading “Back to School on a Budget”

Leftovers for the Lunchbox

*Disclaimer: I am a member of the Amazon Associates program. This post contains affiliate links to products. At no extra cost to you, I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. If your child takes lunches to school, they may get bored of the same sandwich and fruit combo day in dayContinue reading “Leftovers for the Lunchbox”

Frozen Yoghurt Drops

Healthy snack ideas are a must for children, especially during the school holidays. Healthy and cheap snack ideas are even better. I have a snack idea that is not only cheap, but simple to make… frozen yoghurt drops. You could even get the children involved in the process. Ingredients Natural Yoghurt Fruit pieces of yourContinue reading “Frozen Yoghurt Drops”

Car Journey Games

Car journeys with kids can be exhausting. ‘Are we there yet?’ ‘I’m bored!’ It is enough to drive you insane. No need to fear, I have five car journey games that require nothing more than imagination. Would You Rather? To play Would You Rather? You need at least 2 players. One player asks the questionContinue reading “Car Journey Games”

Visual Chore Tracker for Children

Most children are not a fan of chores, and whether they need a little reminder to get them done, or a little confidence boost to visually see what they have accomplished, these jars are the way forward. These are so simple, and can be a crafty activity with your child. What you will need: 2xContinue reading “Visual Chore Tracker for Children”