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7 Grocery Shopping Mistakes

With the cost of living crisis fully raging, we all need a little help to curb costs where we can. Groceries can be a huge expense if you’re not vigilant with your spending. Here are my 7 grocery shopping mistake to avoid! Not Working Out the Price Per Unit Divide the price by the unit/Continue reading “7 Grocery Shopping Mistakes”

Frugal Growing Tips

I always get asked for vegetable growing tips. I only have a small vegetable patch, but I wanted to share some of the tips I have learnt to help you grow healthy vegetables. Sunflowers and Tomatoes are Best Buds Planting sunflowers near your tomato crop will not only attract bees to pollinate the tomato blossoms,Continue reading “Frugal Growing Tips”

What is VidDay?

When I was contacted by VidDay, I hadn’t heard of the company or their concept before. I headed straight over to check it out and was impressed by what I read and the reviews for the product. VidDay is an online, video gift company. Perfect during these crazy times, right? If you can’t see aContinue reading “What is VidDay?”

A Frugal Pizza Tip

Pizzas are reasonably cheap to make or buy, but I make them super cheap with this little frugal tip: Next time you are at your local supermarket, check the reduced bread section for any yellow sticker items to use as pizza bases. No, this doesn’t just have to be actual pizza bases, it can beContinue reading “A Frugal Pizza Tip”

Effective Common Cold Remedies

Before I start this post, I want to express that if you have symptoms of Covid 19, then you must follow NHS and government guidelines. You can find out more here: NHS UK It really is the season for colds. I have already had two colds since summer and I think it is due toContinue reading “Effective Common Cold Remedies”

Valentines Date Night for Just £5

If you have a special someone in your life that you want to treat on Valentine’s day, then this is the post for you. I wanted to show you how you can have a special meal and film night for just £5! Meal A fakeaway is the way to go for a frugal, Valentines meal.Continue reading “Valentines Date Night for Just £5”

50 Tips for a Frugal 2020

Kick start 2020 with a frugal, less is more mindset. Take on board my 50 frugal tips to help save you money, and maybe set yourself a challenge to see how much you can save in 366 days with just these small changes! Meal plan. Knowing what meals you will have each night will keepContinue reading “50 Tips for a Frugal 2020”