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Halloween Ghost Jars

One of our main handmade Halloween decorations is our ghost jars. They are simple to make, but look very effective. These can be placed in windows or used as centrepieces for a spooky Halloween table. What you will need: Clean glass jars Toilet paper Glue Black marker pen Glow sticks Method: Decoupage your jar withContinue reading “Halloween Ghost Jars”

Simple and Cheap Halloween Biscuit Decorating

Don’t have time to bake, but still want the kids to have a little Halloween fun, or are you looking for a cheap Halloween treat idea for a buffet? Then, why not decorate some digestive biscuits. This is a craft activity you can let your kids loose with. You can make a whole batch withContinue reading “Simple and Cheap Halloween Biscuit Decorating”

3 Spooky and Fun Halloween Ideas

Making a special Halloween for your kids doesn’t mean spending a fortune. You can create some fun spookiness with these 3 D.I.Y ideas. Creepy Crawly Handwash This really is a simple spooky idea to give your kids a little fright. Who knows, it may encourage better hand-washing too. All you need is some of theContinue reading “3 Spooky and Fun Halloween Ideas”

3 Halloween Costumes on a Shoe String

Halloween costumes need not cost an arm and a leg. If you begrudge paying store prices and want to have a go at some DIY projects, then this is the blog post for you. Cat Ears Turn a regular headband into cat ears with just sticky tape, cardboard, and black paint/ marker pens. Simply teamContinue reading “3 Halloween Costumes on a Shoe String”

D.I.Y Halloween Decorations on a Budget

If there is one thing my daughter looks forward to each October, it is the Halloween crafts. We have a few crafty sessions throughout the month, and everything we make can double up as decorations. Everything in this post is made from items that can be easily sourced (most from around the home) and areContinue reading “D.I.Y Halloween Decorations on a Budget”