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Halloween Fork Biscuits

Fork biscuits are a firm favourite in my house, so what better treat to make for Halloween? Only, Halloween fork biscuits require a little more imagination, right? Ingredients: How to Make Fork Biscuits: How to Decorate Your Biscuits: Content belongs to Sensibly Frugal Living Instagram Facebook Youtube

Fun Halloween Buffet Ideas

Are you celebrating Halloween a little differently and want some fun ideas for a buffet? Here are three of te fun food/ treats I have made for our Halloween buffet: Pond Scum Take natural yoghurt and mix in some green food dye. Spoon into little pots and serve. Jack O Tillas My children love chocolateContinue reading “Fun Halloween Buffet Ideas”

3 Spooky and Fun Halloween Ideas

Making a special Halloween for your kids doesn’t mean spending a fortune. You can create some fun spookiness with these 3 D.I.Y ideas. Creepy Crawly Handwash This really is a simple spooky idea to give your kids a little fright. Who knows, it may encourage better hand-washing too. All you need is some of theContinue reading “3 Spooky and Fun Halloween Ideas”