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Planning Ahead: Presents!!!!

If you saw my latest blog on sinking funds, you’ll know that I am already planning ahead for the cost of Christmas 2022. That sinking fund is for presents for my kids and our immediate family unit. I do, however, still need to get presents for some extended family members and friends and that includesContinue reading “Planning Ahead: Presents!!!!”

DIY Valentines Chocolates

These chocolates are not only good for Valentine’s day, but they also work well as birthday and Christmas gifts too. They are simple to make and decorate, and cost me just £2.60 to make 15. That works out at 3 gifts. *prices correct on at the time of posting What you will need: PetitContinue reading “DIY Valentines Chocolates”

30 Handmade Gift Ideas on a Budget

One expense that I encounter every month is gift buying. I have a large family, and there is one or more birthdays each month, not forgetting Christmas. A great way to reduce the expense is to get creative with handmade gifts. Painted stones Painted/ decorated photo frame Chocolate Truffles Herb and salt bath soak ScrapContinue reading “30 Handmade Gift Ideas on a Budget”