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Affordable Christmas Series: Homemade Gift Ideas

2020 has been a bizarre year for us all, and some have been impacted financially. Whether you need to cut costs this Christmas, or just like to give handmade gifts with a little extra thought, here is my list of 30 budget handmade gift ideas: Painted stones Painted/ decorated photo frame Chocolate Truffles Herb andContinue reading “Affordable Christmas Series: Homemade Gift Ideas”

Handmade Christmas Decoration Ideas

Paper Chains Simple yet effective. Cut even strips of paper in your colour theme. Loop them through each other and tape into a circle. Continue on until a chain forms. Painted Pine Cones This is simple craft that can be totally free if you collect your own pine cones. Dry your pine cones thoroughly, thenContinue reading “Handmade Christmas Decoration Ideas”