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Affordable Christmas Series: Homemade Gift Ideas

2020 has been a bizarre year for us all, and some have been impacted financially. Whether you need to cut costs this Christmas, or just like to give handmade gifts with a little extra thought, here is my list of 30 budget handmade gift ideas: Painted stones Painted/ decorated photo frame Chocolate Truffles Herb andContinue reading “Affordable Christmas Series: Homemade Gift Ideas”

DIY Photo Frame To Do List

My 9 year old likes to write her school morning routine down, so I repurposed an old photo frame into a wipe clean to do list for her bedroom. It was incredibly simple to make, and I have made it simpler by creating a free A4 printable of our template for you to download. GetContinue reading “DIY Photo Frame To Do List”

DIY Valentines Chocolates

These chocolates are not only good for Valentine’s day, but they also work well as birthday and Christmas gifts too. They are simple to make and decorate, and cost me just £2.60 to make 15. That works out at 3 gifts. *prices correct on at the time of posting What you will need: PetitContinue reading “DIY Valentines Chocolates”

D.I.Y Gift Ideas Using Magazines

Are you looking for ways to create inexpensive, personal gifts for friends and loved ones? Have you thought about upcycling old magazines? I’m here to show you the beautiful presents you can create from magazines. *Links to original sources and images included. Rolled Paper frame Doodle Craft Blog have a wonderful tutorial to create aContinue reading “D.I.Y Gift Ideas Using Magazines”

Hot Chocolate Spoons

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my posts about using up leftover Christmas chocolates. This also applies to the mountains of Easter chocolate that our children inevitably receive. One way to use up leftover chocolate before it expires is by making hot chocolate spoons. You can keep them for yourself orContinue reading “Hot Chocolate Spoons”

5 D.I.Y Gifts to Make From Your Herb Garden

Do you have a herb garden, or thinking about starting one? One frugal reason to start growing herbs is to save money on gifts for loved ones. Yes, herbs aren’t just for eating. I have 5 D.I.Y ‘herby’ gift ideas to show you how you can make your herb garden stretch further. Fresh Herb WaxContinue reading “5 D.I.Y Gifts to Make From Your Herb Garden”