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Alternative Uses for Old Towels

Before you throw out or recycle your towels, ask yourself if you are getting the most use out of them. Can they be used in another way to benefit your home and pocket? Here is a list of 10 alternative uses for old towels: Cut up into rags and cleaning cloths. They are brilliant forContinue reading “Alternative Uses for Old Towels”


What is Cosmetify and How Can it Work for You?

I am all about saving money and helping my readers to save money too. When an opportunity came along to work with a company that fits with the Sensibly Frugal Living ideology, I jumped at the chance. That company is Cosmetify, an online beauty and cosmetics comparison site. If you are trying to find waysContinue reading “What is Cosmetify and How Can it Work for You?”

3 Achievable Saving Challenges

Saving money can be hard going if you live pay check to pay check. The idea of putting a large, lump sum of money away may be unrealistic for your lifestyle, so I wanted to share some realistic and achievable savings challenges that you could use throughout 2020. Spare Change Jar The spare change jarContinue reading “3 Achievable Saving Challenges”

How to Winterise Your Summer Wardrobe

Autumn and winter are fast approaching, and for many that means updating the wardrobe. This can be costly, especially if your weight has changed since the previous winter or your winter clothes look a little worse for wear. I have some tips on how to modify your summer wardrobe into a winter one to saveContinue reading “How to Winterise Your Summer Wardrobe”

Cleaning Tannin Stains Out of Cups

The people who throw out mugs and teaspoons because they get those horrid brown tea (tannin) stains inside them are going to be kicking themselves after reading this post. Did you know that there are products on the market that actually get rid of them with no elbow grease? I didn’t either until I wasContinue reading “Cleaning Tannin Stains Out of Cups”

D.I.Y Dryer Sheets

I begrudge paying out for dryer sheets, so I haven’t used them until recently. I was given some for free and loved the way my clothes smelt after they had been tumble dried, but again, I didn’t want to spend out on more when they ran out. I decided to make my own reusable dryerContinue reading “D.I.Y Dryer Sheets”

Simple Bath Salt Tutorial

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that my eight year old and I made my husband some simple bath salts for father’s day. He enjoys a bath with his lotions and potions, and this was a nifty, awesome gift idea. I had a couple people ask me how we made them, andContinue reading “Simple Bath Salt Tutorial”

Don’t Leave Christmas Too Late

Has anyone else had the sudden realisation that we’re already halfway to Christmas? My husband pointed this out to me, and my reply, ‘good job I start early, then.’ Yes, I pretty much start preparing for Christmas in January, and I’m here to tell you why you should too. Reasons to Start Christmas Prep Early:Continue reading “Don’t Leave Christmas Too Late”

10 Daily Habits for Frugal Living

Becoming more frugal is a lifestyle change. That means changing wasteful habits and thinking differently about money. If you are looking to be more frugal, here is a list of 10 daily habits worth noting. Putting Change in a Savings Pot At the end of the day, empty all loose change into a pot. SavingContinue reading “10 Daily Habits for Frugal Living”

5 Ways to Make Saving Fun for Kids

When most kids receive money they spend it like it is burning a hole in their pocket. My eight year old is the same. However, with these tried and tested techniques you can make saving fun for your children and teach them a valuable life skill in the process. A Reason Most children find itContinue reading “5 Ways to Make Saving Fun for Kids”